Pidato Bahasa Inggris Singkat tentang Pendidikan

Pidato Bahasa Inggris tentang pendidikan ini berisi contoh pidato dalam bahasa Inggris yang membahas masalah pendidikan. Harus diakui bahwa, berpidato memang butuh skill berbicara yang baik, jika anda bisa berbicara lancar dalam bahasa Indonesia, belum tentu anda bisa berpidato lancar dalam bahasa Inggris. Oleh karena itu, alangkah baiknya anda mengerti cara berpidato bahasa Inggris dengan menekankan kualitas isi serta memaksimalkan kualitas aksi di depan panggung ketika anda menyampaikan pidato.

Dan berikut ini adalah contoh pidato bahasa Inggris tentang pendidikan yang bisa anda pelajari :

In this global era, we have many challenges so that we have to know how to solve it. Yeah, without skills and abilities we don’t have any chances to solve the problems we challenge. Thus, we need education as a means of human solving. Without education, we will never find the best way to solve the problem we have. For instances, we have a problem in repairing personal computer (PC) but you don’t have any abilities in repairing it.So, what should you do? Just putting the PC in the desk without being repaired? or by calling someone who understand how to solve the problem of repairing PC.

Yeah the second option is very good because the problem we face will be taken by the professional person in repairing the computer. Why do you believe in repairing your PC in that person? the answer is because he or she knows how to repair the computer. We he or she know how to repair it? because he or she has ever learned in repairing PC. That’s the proff why the person who take the education is trully trusted. So why dont you learn some fields in order you can be able to do something important. Why dont you get a school for achieveing good education? that’s the good question.

Finally, education is very improtant in finding the right job and the right way in this world. Let’s learn what we should learn. Happy learning Pidato bahasa Inggris yo…

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